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Stranger's kind act for mum and bub after 'scary' car crash

A generous woman stopped to help a young mum and her baby after a frightening car crash in Townsville.

When Alice Mahoney drove off as the traffic lights turned green on Thursday morning another motorist "ran a red" and came hurtling towards her at a Townsville intersection.

"I slammed on my breaks but my car made a loud skid sound and I smashed into her," she told Yahoo News Australia. "All my airbags went off... It was very scary, I had my four-month-old son in the car with me."

Despite her wrecked Kia Sportage being written-off and leaving a "bad bruise" on her stomach from where her seatbelt held her in place, thankfully Alice, her son Azekeial and passengers in the other car were uninjured from the collision — and that wasn't the only blessing of the day.

The stranger's kind act meant the world to Alice Mahoney and her son Azekeial (left) after they were involved in a 'scary' car crash which left their car being written-off (right).
The kind stranger was incredibly helpful to new mum Alice Mahoney after she and her four-month-old son Azekeial were involved in a 'scary' car crash. Source: Supplied

"This lady pulled over and helped me with my son and then went out of her way to go and purchase us a brand new car seat for him," Alice said, sharing how she was taken aback by the generous gesture.

The stranger said she wanted to "ease the burden of trying to buy a new one" when she returned back to the collision site, with Alice being overcome with gratitude.

"I gave her a cuddle and thanked her so much for her kindness but wasn’t able to get her name," Alice said, explaining the woman seemingly disappeared as suddenly as she had reappeared with the car seat in hand.

The stranger provided a new car seat for Alice's son, left. Alice's purple bruise can be seen, right.
The generous woman provided a new car seat for Alice's son Azekeial after the mum and son were involved in a car crash which left Alice with bruising on her stomach and her car written-off. Source: Supplied

Alice's search for mystery good Samaritan

Distracted by the events of the day, Alice share she regretted not catching the the stranger's name and decided to turn to social media to assist her in her search for the woman, with the internet delivering.

After posting on a local community page about the morning's ordeal, the stranger responded to her post.

"I do not want anything in return. I’m sorry you had to experience what you went through today," the woman wrote.

According to the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics there were over 1,100 road deaths in Australia last year, with the National Safety Council advising car seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71 per cent for infants.

Despite Alice's best efforts to repay the favour or offer compensation for the car seat, the woman dismissed all attempts, sharing she was "just glad that everybody in both vehicles were safe".

"The world needs more people like you, you have a heart of gold," Alice wrote online.

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