You need to see Stranger Things' Sadie Sink's shaggy wolf mullet hair transformation

sadie sink new hair bob
PSA: Sadie Sink just got a shaggy wolf haircutFranco Origlia - Getty Images

Sadie Sink has yet to post her new short hair on Instagram, but thanks to online sleuths (mainly Stranger Things super fans), we've known the actress has been sporting some form of new short 'do since April.

Snaps have started to trickle through from events, hair stylists and makeup artists, but still, no post on Sadie's Instagram grid since she chopped off the long red princess waves that were her trademark. We're hoping she's just taking an Instagram break and not regretting the snip because we think she looks stunning! Sadie, your internet aunties need you to know you look amazing sweetie.

The most recent is this super glam look from an Armani Beauty event. Sadie is a face of the brand, along with a gaggle of Hollywood's other hottest young Gen Z stars (no really, look at this lineup). Sickeningly gorj and cool.

Styled by the mullet's creator hairstylist Tommy Buckett, it's grown out through a shaggy wolf style into this chic textured bob, seeing some of the character and energy of her long waves starting to come back through.

It was Tommy who first revealed the snip, weeks after sleuths found the first images, posting it in all its choppy, shaggy, mullet glory. And the hashtag he used #SadieSinkNewHair suggested it hadn't gone unnoticed how much social media had been in a frenzy waiting to see the cut properly.

The hashtag wracked up millions of views on TikTok, after the photos of the hair were spotted online. The more unusual of these spots was a tweet from Croatia Airlines, where the crew took a selfie with the star, in what I believe to be the cockpit, but don't look at me, I haven't been to flight school. I don't read Croatian but it does say 'cockpitu' in the tweet, so seems I identified it correctly.

Posted way back on April 30th, Sadie's long red waves appeared to have been snipped off into a shaggy short bob style to her jaw, and she was snapped on stage performing with her band with the new short 'do.

TikTok went into a total spin. Stranger Things stans were worrying what that might mean for her character Max. They've been questioning whether she's in series 5 as previously the stars of the show have spoken about not being able to change their hair. BUT, the show is set to do a time jump forward later into their teens, so could be a chop for the show... and what's more 80s than a mullet?

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