Stranger spots surprising detail in woman's TikTok: 'Get it checked'

A woman who thought she had eczema on her back learned it was a fungal infection after a TikTok follower spotted it in one of her videos.

Rosie Breen, 25, a body positive influencer from the UK, said she visited the doctor after reading the comment from a fan who urged her to check out a rash on her back, and to her surprise, realised she had tinea versicolor.

Tinea versicolor is a common fungal infection that causes small, discoloured patches of skin. While it's not harmful, treatment is usually required.

Rosie Breen TikTok back rash
The UK-based woman said a follower urged her to check out the marks on her bag, which ended up being a skin infection. Source: TikTok

Fan spots tiny detail in video

The eagle-eyed follower spotted it in a video shared to TikTok by Ms Breen. In it, she briefly turns away from the camera to show off the backless top she was wearing.

A quick glimpse at Ms Breen's back was all it took for the follower to notice the markings, and luckily she made it known in the comments.

"It looks like you have tinea versicolor on your back," the follower wrote.

"It’s not harmful but it’s skin fungus that causes the spots, might wanna get it checked."

The influencer was shocked to learn of her skin condition after a follower pointed it out on TikTok.
The influencer was shocked to learn of her skin condition after a follower pointed it out on TikTok.

Confirmed diagnosis: 'Thank you so much'

Ms Breen revealed that she had a doctor's appointment, so she flagged it with them to be sure. Although, she was convinced it was eczema which she's had for years.

It was then the doctor informed her that the rash she thought was eczema wasn't, and it was actually an infection that needed to be treated.

Ms Breen revealed how she learned of her diagnosis in another clip on the social media platform. She thanked the kind stranger and said, "TikTok's going to save my life."

"Now I have an appointment to check out the infection I didn't even know I had, so thank you so much to this girl," she said, sharing the original comment.

Ms Breen said she's "amazed" that the girl was able to spot it in a few short seconds.

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