Stranger mails kind note to woman after finding her purse

A woman has shared a kind note she received from a stranger after losing her purse.

After losing her bag on the weekend, Reddit user sekin6 shared a picture of the message she received in the mail from a woman named Sarah along with her belongings.

“Found your purse outside kebab shop in Richmond on Saturday night,” the note read.

“Hope you had a good night! Take care, Sarah.”

The Reddit user captioned it, “Faith in humanity restored!”

A woman has shared a note on Reddit after losing her purse. Source: Reddit/ sekin6

“Thank you!” she wrote.

“I hope you get so much good karma and I wish you had included a phone number so I could have thanked you!”

It’s not known if the woman was out in Richmond, Victoria, Queensland or NSW.

Some Reddit users praised Sarah for returning the card while others warned the woman who posted the pic to be cautious.

“Good one you, Sarah!” one user wrote.

Purse. File pic. Source: Getty Images

Another Reddit user suggested the woman cancel her card immediately.

“If you ever lose your card, even if you receive it back, there’s nothing stopping 50 people finding your card, writing down the card details and then going online shopping later,” the Reddit user wrote.

“This happens all the time because people assume their money is safe once they have the card back in their hand. If you ever lose your card you should absolutely, 100 per cent cancel it.”

The woman claimed she cancelled her card.