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'Strange' markings spotted in Aussie outback explained as questions raised

Unusual markings spotted in outback Australia have intrigued the masses with many questioning what on earth they could be.

The "strange dots and lines" were found in rural Queensland about 66km from Longreach in the state’s centre, sparking widespread interest.

"Found these strange dots and lines out in the middle of nowhere, saw it when looking at the satellite Google map view," one person shared on Reddit alongside a Google Earth photo.

"Anyone know what this is?" they asked, prompting a wave of varying suggestions.

Google Earth image showing white marks in Longreach, Queensland.
Strange markings were found in rural Queensland in the form of white lines and dots. Source: Google Earth

Wild theories emerge on social media

The photos show an aerial view of a field with what appears to be a collection of white lines and dots scattered haphazardly.

Zoomed out the markings are barely seen, but on zooming in they become more pronounced.

"It’s salt that’s been pushed into piles," one said.

One person suggested cotton bales but the poster shut this theory down.

"I wondered that, but I couldn’t see any sort of access roads, the nearest roads were pretty far away," they wrote.

Google Earth image showing white marks in Longreach, Queensland.
Many speculated over what it could be with people suggesting it could be mining related. Source: Google Earth

Many suggestions related to mining activity with the majority convinced the area is a mining site.

"Mining site with blast layouts?" one user guessed.

"Slurry pits from exploration drill rigs, and maybe costeans across the dry lake beds," another commented. "I’d suspect lithium miners."

Expert weighs in on debate

But one expert disagreed, telling Yahoo News Australia it didn't look like the markings were mining related.

Pointing to what appears to be a fence line, which runs past the white lines, they suggested probably tree planting in the area.

They pointed out that the trees around the area are planted in the same dot pattern.

The white that appears could very well be small ditches filled with water which creates a white-looking reflection.

Google Earth image showing white marks in Longreach, Queensland.
The white lines appear to follow a tree line with an expert suggesting it's not related to mining. Source: Google Earth

Some suggestions on Reddit were along the same lines.

"I reckon it’s trees that have been pushed up by a dozer and burned, leaving white ash piles behind. Explains the cleared areas around them as well," one said.

"Google Earth past imagery shows the whole lake bed of trees has been cleared. They're burnt trees from a last patch of native veg," said another.

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