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Disturbing images of ‘corpses’ under white sheets spread across a lawn have emerged as activists emphasise the toll of climate change.

Extinction Rebellion protesters descended on Parliament Square in the UK on Wednesday for the second day of chaotic climate change protests.

Photos show a number of activists laying on the grass under white sheets, in confronting scenes to call on the government to take action on climate change and show how deadly it could be.

"Today we are marking the deaths of all those people who have died and will continue to die as a result of climate change and ecocide," an organiser said.

Pictured are dozens of people under white sheets on the lawn at Parliament Square.
People lay under white sheets to emphasise the toll of climate change. Source: Getty

Hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists gathered outside Britain's parliament for a second day on Wednesday to demand that the government act to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The rallies in London's Parliament Square come after protests planned for earlier in the year were cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Police arrested around 160 people on Tuesday for obstructing the roads and officers could be seen carrying more demonstrators away from the area on Wednesday.

A 92-year-old man was also among those who were arrested at the climate protests in London.

Police try to carry away an Extinction Rebellion protester who has 'gone floppy' at the point of arrest in Parliament Square.
More than 100 people were arrested during the protests. Source: Getty

The climate change activists will soon enter day three of 10 days of protests.

Over the 10 days, the group will continue to hold theatrical protests like the bodies on the lawn at Parliament Square, including a silent protest outside Buckingham Palace.

On its website, the group warned: “We’ve only just begun”.

The protests come as Greens MP Caroline Lucas introduces the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill to the UK parliament.

The bill calls on the prime minister to ensure the UK develops specified objectives to tackle climate change, while also giving the Secretary of State a duty to create and implement a strategy to achieve the objectives.

The bill also supports a Citizens’ Assembly to work with the Secretary of State to create the strategy while giving duties to the Committee on Climate Change regarding the objectives and strategy.

Pictured are Extinction Rebellion activists holding signs in front of a line of police in London.
Extinction Rebellion activists protesting climate change in London. Source: Getty

Young people aged from six to 20 also wrote letters to submit to the government about the impacts of climate change.

“I am scared and I’m sure you are too, I don’t want to live in a world where the Earth gets hotter every year. I don’t want to live in a world where the seas rise every year, causing natural disasters to appear more frequently,” Anay, aged nine, wrote.

“How will we get enough oxygen without the trees? We could be at a tipping point and there will be nothing we can do. What will happen then?”

The UK Government says on its website the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) advises the government on emissions targets and reports to parliament on progress made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2019, the government committed to a Net Zero target as recommended by the CCC.

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