'Mr Stop Brexit' Steve Bray vows never to stop protesting outside Parliament

Anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray holds banners outside Parliament in London last Thursday. (AP)

An anti-Brexit campaigner known as “Mr Stop Brexit” has vowed to continue protesting outside Parliament until the UK re-joins the EU.

Steve Bray, 51, has become notorious in Westminster for his "stop Brexit" chants and for interrupting politicians and broadcasters during live TV interviews and speeches.

At 11pm on Friday, Britain officially left the EU. But Bray, from Port Talbot in Wales, says he is prepared for the "longest protest ever" and would "not give up" until the UK rejoined the European Union.

Bray now wears a 'Why Brexit' hat as his protests continue. (AP)

"This is my first ever protest, I was never that political before, but so much is at stake," he said.

Bray has protested outside Parliament every day since 5 September 2017, braving all weathers to mount his “Stand of Defiance European Movement” (Sodem), and has many times been on the receiving end of harassment and abuse.

Following Brexit day, he says he will remain outside Parliament for as long as it takes for the UK to rejoin – but now only every Wednesday, when Prime Minister's Questions is held.

"It is not a question of if or when – we will join the EU. It could be 10 years, it could take 50 years, it could turn into one of the longest protests ever," he told the BBC.


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Bray, who went to Brussels last week to say goodbye to the EU, said "the door is open, so it's not a question of if we rejoin, it's a question of when".

52% of the UK voted Leave in the 2016 referendum.

Bray said he's been spat at a few times and assaulted but that although "it takes a toil", the hatred drives him on.

Last week he was chased by a group of "young Brexiteers" who caused him to trip and damage his megaphone, while another stole his "stop Brexit" hat.

Now, instead of a "Stop Brexit" hat, he wears a "Why Brexit" hat.

He posed for a picture in it next to a departures sign at a Eurostar station and posted it on his Twitter.

He wrote: "Our Freedom of Movement in the EU is priceless. Why on Earth would anybody want to lose it?"

His account now calls him “Steve Bray #NotGoingAway”.