Stoned husky gives owners a fright

Stoned husky gives owners a fright


Loki the Siberian Husky couldn't tell his Asgard from his elbow after he found his way into a humans-only stash of treats.

The partying pooch is the subject of an emerging YouTube video, which shows the drastic effects marijuana can have on pets that don’t know what they’re getting into.

In the video, Loki appears barely conscious, with his tongue lolling out of his mouth and muscle spasms making it difficult for him to stand on his own four feet.

His concerned humans manually re-insert his tongue as they continue to prop up the sleepy pup while discussing how to best help the “poor guy”.

“He needs to puke, can you force a dog to puke?” one of the men is heard asking.

According to the clip, the men contacted veterinarians who told them that all they could do was wait for Loki to sober up.

“We kept careful watch on him for the next 20 hours,” Tony Costa wrote on his YouTube account.

“The next morning he was still high and able to walk, by that evening he was back to normal running around.

“And today he is back to getting into things again, guess he didn’t learn his lesson.”

Costa said he posted the video as an educational message to pet owners to make sure they kept their personal stashes away from prying noses.

According to reports, marijuana legalisation in the US has led to a sizeable increase in the number of pets presenting to vets after eating their owners’ special treats.

While large amounts can prove dangerous, says most animals will recover completely within days.

But some may need treatment such as activated charcoal to help remove toxins or IV drips to help hydration as they recover and, as such, it remains important to seek professional help when the dog appears to be under the influence.

Signs of marijuana intoxication in dogs include dilated eyes, stumbling and an appearance of intoxication.