Steve Price’s surprising response to backlash over Jacinda Ardern swipe

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Steve Price has apologised after making inflammatory statements about New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern amid her show of support during the Australian bushfires.

On Tuesday’s edition of The Project, Mr Price explained how he was “sick and tired of that woman” - alluding to her recent trip to Australia for a family holiday, which he described as “virtue signalling”.

He drew comparisons between her trip and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s infamous Hawaii getaway while bushfires raged across the country.

Steve Price apologised for speaking poorly of the New Zealand prime minister. Source: Twitter/The Project

“If you can criticise Scott Morrison going to Hawaii, why is she not in Hamilton or Canterbury? What is she doing hanging around Australia?” Mr Price said.

“She should be in her own country and spend money in her own place. Typical virtue signalling from Ardern. I get sick and tired of that woman.”

The veteran broadcaster returned during Wednesday’s episode after reflecting on his choice of words.

He said he had realised it was a “mistake” to speak of Ms Ardern in such a manner.

“What I said was disrespectful to her as a woman and importantly it was also disrespectful of the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, our closest ally. She has got every right to be here in Australia and what I said is last night was dumb,” he said.

“I got home last night, watched myself and thought back and I thought I was wrong to do it. If I make a mistake I own it. I made a mistake last night, a dumb one, and I'm here to say sorry.”

He also clarified his stance on climate change, stating he was “not a climate change denier” but thought “both sides of the argument sometimes push it too far”.

“If these fires can turn around some people who have been less enthusiastic about the argument of climate change, like myself, then I'm happy to sit and listen to those arguments,” he said.

Jacinda Ardern was the target of some nasty words from Steve Price on Tuesday night's The Project. Source: Getty Images

Mr Price added that throughout his 10 years working on the show, some of his views had changed, and potentially would continue to change moving forward.

Many viewers took to social media in the wake of his controversial comments in Tuesday’s episode, with some even calling for him to be sacked.

“Steve Price on @theprojecttv says he is ‘sick of *that woman*’ referring to Jacinta Ardern. Thing is, when NZ was in crisis, she was there and led. When our nation burned, #ScottyFomMarketing ran to Hawaii and hid. Not that bright are we, Pricey? #misogyny #TheProjectTV,” one person wrote.

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