Steve Harvey claims ABC talked to him for not being 'politically correct' on his new judge show

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Tuesday marked the second episode of Steve Harvey’s new courtroom reality show, Judge Steve Harvey, and it turns out the funnyman has already gotten in trouble with his bosses at ABC. The show follows the standard daytime courtroom production style, with the added benefit of a comedic legend presiding over the cases. Apparently, ABC would prefer that its judges use friendly language.

Harvey’s first case featured Kristin Jones suing David Ronca for $4,800 for the cost of a “Bachelor Knot” party. The couple has been together for 20 years, engaged for 16 years and share three children — the youngest of whom is 8 weeks old. Ronca filed a $2,300 countersuit, claiming Jones lost the engagement ring and he purchased a metal detector to try and find it. Despite the marriage issue, the couple is on good terms and plan to be together indefinitely.

“You're not on trial for your character, sir, you're on trial because of stupidity,” Harvey told Ronca. “The reason you're here is because you're stuck on stupid.”

Harvey blasted Ronca, who was unable to justify his newfound aversion to marriage with Jones.

“I promise you, if you was my son I'd slap you right now,” Harvey said.

At one point during the trial, Harvey stopped the proceeding to get a photo with Ronca. After he returned to his seat, he told the defendant, “I got to have that picture, 'cause you're the stupidest dude I've ever met, and I don't want to ever forget your face.”

While some viewers thought Harvey’s interaction was funny, he revealed on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! that ABC executives weren’t fans of his name calling.

“I said, this is the stupidest dude I've ever met and ABC had a little talk with me afterwards because you know, ‘Steve, it's not politically correct to call anybody stupid.’” Harvey told Kimmel.

Harvey has been a vocal opponent of cancel culture and political correctness. He claims that extreme social awareness is having a negative impact on comedy, as well as other aspects of society. That being said, he did remind Ronca that he was just kidding.

“I'm joking with the stupid thing,” Harvey said. “Because you're a really great guy, because you are handling your business in every aspect except one.”

Judge Steve Harvey airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

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