Sterling K. Brown lists “Supernatural” as his favorite onscreen death

Sterling K. Brown lists “Supernatural” as his favorite onscreen death

Brown played Gordon Walker on the long-running drama.

We all love Gordon Walker.

Sterling K. Brown recently paid a visit to The Drew Barrymore Show, where the Oscar nominee was asked about his most gruesome or favorite onscreen death. "As a Black actor, you die a lot on screen," Brown responded, adding, "Real talk." But when it came time to pick his favorite, he wasted no time in throwing it back to his work on The CW's Supernatural.

"My most favorite one was on Supernatural, where I became a vampire hunter... but then I got bit by a vampire and so I had to die by being beheaded," Brown said. "That was a good time. That was fun."

<p>CW /Everett </p> Sterling K. Brown and Jared Padalecki on 'Supernatural'

CW /Everett

Sterling K. Brown and Jared Padalecki on 'Supernatural'

Brown first appeared as Gordon Walker in Supernatural's second season, when he ran into brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) while hunting a nest of vampires. But when Gordon found out about Sam's visions, he started targeting the younger Winchester, claiming he wasn't even sure that Sam was human. In season 3, Gordon was then turned into a vampire, and let's just say his decision to hunt Sam didn't exactly work out.

As Brown told Barrymore, his character was beheaded. The detail he left out? Sam used razor wire to do it. Talk about a memorable death.

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