Stephen Colbert's hilarious plea to Anthony Weiner

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday, Colbert had a little fun at the expense of a late night competitor. Speaking about disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who spent nearly two years in prison for inappropriate online communication with a minor, and his idea of selling the photo that ended his career as an NFT, Colbert couldn’t help but point out something disturbing: The New York Post coverage of the story was accompanied by a picture of Weiner wearing a Late Show t-shirt.

“Come on, Anthony!” Colbert yelled, pounding the desk. “You can’t wear any other shirt?”

So Colbert, assuming Weiner is down on his luck, came up with a solution.

“So maybe you can’t afford a new t-shirt. So I'm gonna send you a new one, okay?” Colbert said before holding up a different option. “This beautiful Jimmy Kimmel Live t-shirt, free of charge. And as always, on the back it says, ‘The official talk show of Anthony Weiner's penis!’ You're welcome, Jimmy!”

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