Stats outage resolved

Yahoo Sports Staff
·1-min read

Sports Fans:

Over the past three weeks, one of our data providers (Stats Perform) suffered a major outage and was unable to send us the critical scores, stats and standings that you rely on as a fan. The Yahoo Sports team has been working hard to cover as many of the gaps in data as possible, including activating backup providers for most sports, but not all.

We share your disappointment in the gaps in coverage across the Yahoo Sports app and website these past three weeks. While we have never experienced an outage like this in our 20-year-plus history, you deserve better and we expect better of ourselves.

The good news: All stats feeds are finally restored and we are processing the missing data. We have also been able to create redundancy in a number of systems to limit any impact of this happening again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We know how important it is to maintain your trust.

— Yahoo Sports