State on alert as bushfire burns

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Bushfire warning issued for west of Toowoomba. Picture: Glenn Campbell

Residents are being warned to to stay informed about a slow-moving fire continues to burn in Queensland’s Kumbarilla State Forest.

Initially Queensland Fire and Emergency Service issued the prepare to leave warning at 3.46pm on Wednesday.

However, the warning has since been lowered to a ‘stay informed’ alert level at 4.56pm on Wednesday.

There is now no risk to any properties, the authorities confirmed at time of publication.

The large, slow-moving fire is burning in Kumbarilla State Forest is travelling towards Cecil Plains Moonie Rd, about 100km west of Toowoomba.

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Residents near Cecil Plains Moonie Rd are being warned to stay informed as the fire intensifies. Picture: Google Maps.

The warning level currently remains at a stay informed level but those in the area are being encouraged to remain cautious as conditions could get worse quickly, according to QFES.

“Firefighters are working to contain the fire,” QFES stated.

You should not expect a firefighter at your door. Firefighting aircraft are helping ground crews.”

Some roads may be closed or impacted as the fire gets closer.

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Queensland Fire and Rescue warns those in the area of Kumbarilla State Forest to be cautious. Picture: Google Maps

It comes as Queensland prepares for an increased risk of fires throughout Spring, according to the quarterly Australasian Fire Authorities Council seasonal bushfire outlook.

The report warned there’s now an increased risk of fire expected for regions in Queensland, New South Wales Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory.

AFAC CEO Rob Webb said residents in those regions at risk are urged to prepare for bushfire and monitor local conditions.

Bush fires like the one pictured in northeast of Perth, which has burnt through more than 7000 hectares of land and destroyed multiple homes, could happen again this Spring. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Tony McDonough

“The climate influences driving increased risk of bushfire this season are widespread,” Mr Webb said.

“Almost the entire country can expect drier and warmer conditions than normal this spring, so it is important for Australians be alert to local risks of bushfire over the coming months, regardless of their location.’

“Fire is a regular part of the Australian landscape in spring.

“Wherever you live, work or travel, now is the time to plan and prepare.

“Understand your risk, know where you will get your information, and talk to your family about what you will do.”