Dreaming of winning Powerball? Here's what's more likely to happen

You might be feeling lucky ahead of tonight’s $80 million Powerball draw but it turns out you’re more likely to die from a number of different bizarre causes than win the jackpot.

The chance of winning Thursday night’s division one Powerball is more than 1 in 134 million.

While dying from a dog bite on your way home to watch the Powerball draw is a more likely 1 in 20,000,000 chance, according to Forbes.

You’re more likely to die from a dog bite than win Thursday night’s $80 million Powerball draw. Source: Getty Images (File pic)

You’re also more likely to be crushed by a vending machine, which is one in 10 million or be hit by a part of a plane falling from the sky – a one in 112 million chance, according to The Independent.

Having a bath and drowning in the tub is significantly more probable at one in 840,000 while the chances you contract a flesh-eating bacteria and die is one in one million, The Express reports.

It’s 190 times likelier you’ll be killed in an asteroid strike at one in 700,000, according to business travel blog Boarding Area.

Having a bath and drowning in the tub is significantly more probable than winning the Powerball jackpot. Source: Getty Images (File pic)

But scoring the Powerball jackpot is better odds than…

If you’re feeling like a gamble – it’s more likely you’ll be $80 million richer after Thursday night’s draw than dying from being struck by lightning while drowning.

The odds of that happening are one in 183 million.

According to NASA, it’s more likely you’ll win the lottery than being hit by a piece of satellite debris, which is one in 21 trillion, The LA Times reported.

It’s less plausible you’ll die catching the bus in to work on Friday morning, assuming you don’t beat the odds and become $80 million richer, with the chances of dying on an 8km trip one in half a billion.

But never say never. Two lucky tickets shared the $70m OzLotto jackpot on Tuesday.

Six families in a Victorian syndicate pocketed one $35 million Oz Lotto prize. The other $35 million went to a man in Lithgow, NSW aged in his 50s.