Star's Emmys wardrobe malfunction goes viral

Sarah Carty
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It’s happened to all of us at some stage in our lives but one Hollywood star got the short straw when her zipper decided to break at the Emmy awards.

Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe live tweeted her nightmare scenario to her 433,000 followers and now her wardrobe malfunction has gone viral.

“Sitting in the Emmys and my zipper just busted and my butt is exposed and I can’t get up and I dunno what to do,” Kaitlyn tweeted.

Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe has an awkward wardrobe malfunction at the Emmys when her zipper broke on her dress. Photo: Twitter/Kaitlyn Bristowe

She also explained why she didn’t stand and applaud Betty White’s speech to her followers, with many finding her predicament hilarious.

“Here’s the kicker. I’m in the wrong seat and people are asking me to move,” she said.

“I either stood for Betty White and showed my ass, or stayed seated and looked like an ass.

The star then posted an image of her in the dress with everyone standing around her.

“Proof. It all opens up when I stand up. Right down to mid crack,” she captioned it.

Her followers offered up their advice, with one person telling her to use her earrings as a makeshift safety pin.

Kaitlyn live tweeted the whole thing on her Twitter page. Photo: Getty Images

“I will need about 10…. and I’m not wearing Earrings.,” she replied.

Another person questioned how there wasn’t a stylist nearby who would have a collection of safety pins with them?

“We have asked so many people. How does no one have like 5 pins!!!!??,” Kaitlyn replied.

Then her situation got more complicated when show producers came and moved her closer to the front.

“They came and got us and moved us closer to the front, so I had to get up and waddle down in front of everyone, towards the front with my hands clasping my dress.”

She certainly had an eventful night.

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