Starbucks Just Made Some Big Changes

Starbucks Just Made Some Big Changes

The next time you visit Starbucks, you could be met with an entirely different experience, thanks to a new system the coffee shop is beginning to implement across the country. After receiving some less than pleasant criticism from customers over lengthy wait times, Starbucks has just announced a program that they're calling the Siren Craft System.

Described as "a partner-driven evolution of how we operate our stores," the Siren Craft System aims to create shorter wait times by incorporating new routines, new positions, and new digital tools.

For example: One tweak that was introduced by a worker was pulling the espresso before steaming milk when making a beverage to create a more streamlined process.

Starbucks will also begin using Peak Play Callers when shops are busy. This updated role, which has been compared to "a guardian angel," provides support for baristas when it's needed.

And so far, things are looking up for the Siren Craft System. A Starbucks in Plano, Texas, was one of the first to incorporate the new system, and the staff there are impressed.

"It's been able to provide a lot more time for our crafting – for our customers and ourselves,” said Thomas, a barista from the Starbucks in Plano. “With all of the small changes that we've made in our store, I have the time to practice my own drinks and latte art. I am able to provide a happy experience, not only for myself but for the customer."

Starbucks plans to scale the Siren Craft System nationally in the U.S. and in Canada by the end of July.

This massive rollout comes just a few weeks after Starbucks came under fire from both customers and partners over understaffing issues that resulted in extensive wait times. Although there were claims that the staffing problems were due to a flawed algorithm in their system, Starbucks has since denied the understaffing allegations.

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