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Starbucks customer captures wild footage of pet dog’s ‘unsanitary’ drive-thru behavior

A TikTok user has sparked a major debate after sharing one dog’s behavior in the Starbucks drive-thru line.

The video from @dollface_danapace shows a customer’s dog climbing all the way into the drive-thru window. Some TikTokers call the incident adorable, while others claim it was “unsanitary.”

It’s just the latest in a string of viral TikToks to emerge from a Starbucks location. In recent weeks, users have also shared a hack for saving $2 on a popular drink, a clip of a wild in-store register malfunction and a tip for how to get “free refills.”

In @dollface_danapace’s video, the TikToker shows her view as the car in front of her lets the dog climb out of the window and toward the drive-thru. The dog then enters the window completely while both the driver and employee help support it.

“When the Puppuccino calls you,” @dollface_danapace captioned her video, referring to the chain’s beloved, dog-friendly treat.

The video drew more than 5 million views but instantly sparked a debate among users. Many simply thought it was adorable, as @dollface_danapace seemed to.

“If I was in the car behind, I’d put it in park and get out to pet [the dog],” one user wrote.

“Love how the employee held the pup so it wouldn’t fall,” another added.

Others, however, had a much more negative response. Some were upset that an owner — let alone a Starbucks barista — would let a dog enter the store that way.

“This is so unsanitary,” one user wrote.

“I’d pull out of line if this was happening … so unsanitary and inappropriate,” another wrote.

“Irresponsible,” another added

Commenters quickly pushed back on those claims, writing that it seemed like the dog simply forced its way out the window on accident. Later on, @dollface_danapace responded that the pup, named BooBoo, immediately returned to its owner.

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