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Stanley Quencher cups released in first-ever swirl designs

Hurry, this extremely limited drop won't be in stock for long.

The TikTok famous tumbler is now available in the UK in new exclusive patterns. (Stanley/Yahoo Life UK)
The TikTok famous tumbler is now available in the UK in new exclusive patterns. (Stanley/Yahoo Life UK)

Thanks to a little app called TikTok, you may already know what the Stanley cup is. For the uninitiated, allows us to explain.

It's a huge 1.2L tumbler complete with a built in straw and handle so you can stay hydrated on the go at all times.

Made popular thanks to its viral success on the social media platform, where the hashtag #StanleyCup has no less than 5 billion (yes billion) video views. Users have raved about how it has helped them up their water intake, the various aesthetic pastel colours it's available in and how well it keeps drinks cold or hot.

Since becoming available in the UK last year, the water bottle has consistently sold out, so getting your hands on the coveted item is trickier than it sounds. Luckily, Stanley has just launched the popular cup in two new exclusive patterned designs: Rose Quartz Swirl and Polar Swirl.

The newly released swirl designs are bound to sell out super fast. 

£45 at Stanley

The plain pink Rose Quartz shade is also finally back in stock, after selling out in 24 hours when it first launched.

As for the TikTok hype, Stanley's Quencher cups recently made headlines after TikTok user, Danielle Marie Lettering, shared a video of the aftermath of her car that had caught on fire. The only thing still intact? Her Stanley cup with ice still inside. The video has racked up over 95 million views.

Why we rate it

So what's so good about that it warrants a hefty £44.99 price tag?

Firstly, it can keep hot drinks hot for up seven hours and cold drinks cool for up to 11 hours (or as long as two days if iced), thanks to a vacuum insulation design. The exterior is also made from 90% recycled stainless steel.

Designed to help you stay hydrated with minimal refills, it holds 1.2 litres of liquid and comes complete with a straw opening and reusable straw to help you sip easily.

You'll never be dehydrated again with this mammoth water tumbler from Stanley. (Stanley)
The water bottle is the accessory to have thanks to its aesthetic colours. (Stanley)
The new swirl prints are bound to sell out fast. (Stanley)
The new swirl prints are bound to sell out fast. (Stanley)

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Lastly, the ergonomic handle has comfort-grip inserts for easy carrying, the narrow base fits most car cup holders and best of all, every bit of this tumbler is dishwasher safe.

What the reviews say

Stanley shoppers can't get enough of this water tumbler, with many praising how it's increased their water intake throughout the day.

  • "I absolutely love my Stanley cup! it has made drinking water so much more fun and enjoyable. I’m obsessed, I will definitely be buying it in the new pink colour! Everyone needs to get on."

  • "Easily the best £50 I have ever spent, the ice stay all day in my cup keeps my drink cold all day during this heat, can't wait to get the other colours."

  • "I have two of these (charcoal and cream) when I say that I take this cup everywhere I mean everywhere, work, school run, friends houses, even fill it up before bed and it’s still cold the next morning. Highly highly recommend this cup. So worth the hype around them, even if the price point is a bit high worth every penny."

  • "Bought this as I have many water bottles but they all leak or don’t keep the water cool for long. This cup is amazing! Doesn’t leak, keeps my water cool and the ice lasts for some time. My husband now wants one. Would recommend."

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