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Staggering x-rays reveal why six men were rushed to hospital from airport

The men were attempting to fly out of Brazil when authorities detected something wasn't quite right.

Six alleged drug mules have been caught at an international airport with their stomachs full of cocaine.

Staggering X-rays reveal the huge quantity of the Class A drugs crammed inside their bodies, with the capsules used to store the cocaine clearly showing up on x-ray images taken after authorities detected something wasn't quite right with the six men.

They were rumbled when police officers at Guarulhos International Airport near Brazil's São Paulo were conducting routine inspections and noticed one traveller acting nervously. He was searched and his luggage was inspected, before he was put through an explosives and narcotics trace detector which detected traces of cocaine.

Three x-rays showing three separate men's ribcages and torso.
X-rays of the men's bodies show dozens of capsules inside them. Source: Jam Press

When questioned, he confessed to swallowing several capsules containing cocaine. Five more passengers were then given the same tests, with the same results. They reportedly confessed to swallowing between 100 and 150 capsules between them.

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The six suspects were immediately taken from the busy airport to a nearby hospital. There, they underwent procedures to expel the foreign objects.

The suspects are from Nigeria and the flight they had tickets for was bound for Ethiopia. Three had a final destination in Kano, Nigeria, local media report.

One of the men has his suitcase searched. Source: Jam Press
One of the men has his suitcase searched. Source: Jam Press

Police found that one suspect had been arrested at the same airport in 2017 on a pending warrant. Three others had entered Brazil as asylum seekers.

The men, whose identities have not been revealed, are facing potential drug smuggling charges.

Medics warn that ruptured capsules can result in intestinal obstruction and death from cocaine intoxication.

- Jam Press

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