Stabbing video played in Qld murder trial

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Graphic footage of the moment a knife is plunged into a man's neck during a violent drug heist has been shown on the opening day of a Queensland murder trial.

Family and friends of Robert Charles Frescon fled the public gallery, unable to watch the moment a blade was thrust into the neck of the 33-year-old.

Fatally injured, the security video shows the wounded man desperately clutch a hand over a gaping wound to his neck.

With blood gushing down his arm, Mr Frescon suddenly collapsed in his Kelvin Grove home in January 2019.

Minutes later, he was dead.

Three men - Nicholas James Torralba, Thomas Appleby and Damian Marko Markovski - pleaded not guilty to murder in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The trial will hear evidence that the trio had taken MDMA before going to Mr Frescon's home to steal his stash, intending to "rob the dog" of cash or drugs, the court was told.

The dramatic footage was captured by CCTV security camera in the living room of the victim's home, crown prosecutor Mark Whitbread told the jury.

"It's taken about 1.37 in the morning ... and what is depicted on the footage is not contested," Mr Whitbread said.

It shows Mr Frescon home alone, sitting on the couch before he walks to the front entry to let Mr Appleby into the unit.

"You see another man, that's Appleby, enter the unit. You see them speak and converse before he goes back outside, probably for a cigarette, then return."

Once inside, the pair argue before Mr Frescon critically turns to again walk towards the front door.

While his back is turned, Appleby arms himself with a large kitchen knife found in on a display unit shelf.

A violent confrontation erupts as Appleby holds the blade to Mr Frescon's throat.

"There is a physical altercation with Mr Frescon defending himself from what I would describe as a sustained attack.

"At one point, you see Mr Frescon throw a piece of furniture, a chair, at Mr Appleby to stop the attack."

After a brief struggle, Markovski armed with a knife and his face concealed by a black and white mask stormed into the unit.

The third man, Torralba, also enters the home, standing just metres away as Mr Frescon grapples with the attackers.

During a flurry of blows, one of the men stabs Mr Frescon in the neck.

"Both men (Appleby and Markovski) are trying to strike him. It is not clear who struck him - it doesn't matter.

"Almost instantaneously, you see Mr Frescon react and retreat a short distance and soon after he falls to the ground, bleeding profusely."

Mr Frescon's body was discovered in a pool of blood by his sister when he failed to show up for work.

Multiple packets of drugs in clip-seal bags were later found in the pockets of the victim.

The jury will hear evidence that Appleby later confessed to the murder to another man, telling him he had killed a man as he tried to steal his drugs.

"But he said they didn't get the ice, because it was covered in blood," Mr Whitbread told the jury.

The trial before Justice Peter Applegarth continues.

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