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St Johns Ambulance to take strike action in Victoria

St John Ambulance union members across Victoria will take industrial action after pay negotiations stalled.

Victorian Ambulance Union members have been in talks for improved wages and conditions with St John Ambulance for 16 months.

Victorian Ambulance Union secretary Danny Hill said workers at St Johns Ambulance were the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic - often shown evacuating residents from aged care homes.

He said most of the ambulance workers who performed that work were privately employed Patient Transport Officers (PTO) and Ambulance Transport Attendants (ATA) who work for companies like St John Ambulance.

Pay talks stalled when St Johns offered PTOs an average $0.14 per hour increase.

The industrial action will begin on Monday.

Meanwhile their ATAs remain amongst the lowest paid in the industry, Mr Hill said.

"St John elders adorn themselves in robes and gold sceptres and claim to work in the service of humanity," Mr Hill said.

"But they turn their backs on the low paid workers who deliver the care that St John boast about and charge handsomely for.

"It was utterly exhausting working in patient transport throughout the pandemic. These are not high paid workers. They are incredibly hard working and all they are seeking is some humanity from St John".

St John's Ambulance chose not to comment when contacted by AAP.

Strike action will include:

* Ambulances returning to their home branch for meal breaks

* Work stoppages to write in liquid chalk on ambulances

* Not starting work before the commencement of rostered shifts or at the end of their rostered shift (incidental overtime)

* A ban on working "On-Call" shifts