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Squid Game. PHOTO: Netflix
Squid Game. PHOTO: Netflix

Squid Game. Somehow or other, you would have encountered this trending term for at least a couple of weeks. Since the Korean drama thriller’s 17 September launch, the Internet has been ablaze with Squid Game news. Popular across the globe, including UK, Qatar, Oman, Bolivia and the US, and set to surpass the performance of Bridgerton, Money Heist and Sex Education, Squid Game is primed to be the most-watched original series on Netflix. As expected, TikTok is fast to catch on with memes about recreating the Squid Game looks. There’s even a Facebook game for you to find out which character you are. For the uninitiated, here’s a summary of the series. No worries, no spoilers allowed!

TL;DR: Hundreds of debt-ridden people find hope in winning an insane amount of cash – 45.6 billion won to be exact (approximately US$38,460,271.20) – as the winner in a series of games. The twist, my friend, comes in how these popular childhood games are played in the most cruel and bloody manner. Besides the intriguing premise, the candy-coloured and larger-than-life sets and costumes were also the talk of the town. The pacing of the show draws the viewer in episode by episode. Not to mention, the universal themes of capitalism, gender inequality, injustice and more are relevant as ever. I secretly wish for a Squid Game wonderland park in the near future.

Whether you have already binge-watched the series or refuse to partake in the gory scenes, Squid Game is fodder for watercooler chat (now that we are all working from home, probably Slack or WhatsApp chats). While we plan for a much cosier Halloween party in three weeks on 31 October, now's a good time to start brainstorming and purchasing your costume if you do not wish to be bogged down by shipping and logistics issues. And what better costumes than the current trending drama Squid Game?

Squid Game. PHOTO Netflix
Squid Game. PHOTO Netflix

True to Yahoo Shopping’s sharing is caring ethos, we trawled the Internet and found that Amazon, Lazada and Shopee are already carrying Squid Game-inspired costumes and accessories seen in the dystopian K-drama. Best of all, the upcoming 10.10 sales on these three platforms should see you saving some serious money while you shop!

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The call

It all starts with the game card. The card with the mysterious number marks the start of the game. Use this as a party invite.

Players costumes

Next up, decide which character you want to be. Will it be player 001, 218, 456 or others? Finally, don't forget to complete the look with the hoodie and pants set. And of course the shoes all players are issued upon arrival.

Squid Game. PHOTO: Netflix
Squid Game. PHOTO: Netflix

Guard costumes

Prefer to be the ones to hold the guns instead? These guard costumes and masks should do the trick. This onesie set is a must. No need to mess with the hair or makeup. Perfect!

The Boss

Up your cloak of mystery and take on the role of the Boss.

The sponsors

There’s no Squid Game without these filthy-rich puppeteers. These VIP masks can easily make an appearance at other parties.

Game accessories

One of the most talked-about game in the series has got to be the one featuring the honeycomb. There are so many memes including honeycomb in the shape of durians and the Singapore map! This Dalgona making kit will help you come up with the quintessential game. These honeycomb shapes should be fun yet challenging enough!

Complete your look with the Korean-style lunchbox.

You may or may not have played with marbles during your childhood. Nonetheless, the marble game played in Squid Game is not anything you have experienced!

Are you looking for something less gory? Click for more Halloween costume options.

Shop 10.10 sales on Amazon, Lazada and Shopee.

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