A Squeeze Of Lime Juice Is All You Need To Sweeten Up Watermelon

watermelon sprinkled and lime wedge
watermelon sprinkled and lime wedge - Carlosrojas20/Getty Images

There are very few fruits out there that can so handily beat the sweltering heat of summer quite like a fresh watermelon. Its vibrant red flesh, loaded with natural sweetness and a ton of juice, easily makes it the quintessential summertime treat.

While it's fantastic on its own or in a fruit salad, if you're looking to take it to the next level, there's a simple trick that you can try to further enhance your watermelon's flavor. Next time you've cut it into your preferred shapes and placed it in a bowl, try adding a squeeze of lime juice. Lime juice brings a burst of tanginess and a touch of zesty freshness to the naturally sweet watermelon. Moreover, it enhances the aromatic qualities of the watermelon slices. Although watermelon has a pleasant, fruity scent, it's rather subtle. So, the robust citrusy aroma of lime can give your fresh watermelon slices a boost in this department!

The combination of flavors, along with the enhanced aroma from the addition of lime juice, will likely make this combination a favorite in your household. Well, at least until you discover another watermelon pairing that steals your heart!

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Some Other Ways To Season Your Watermelon

bowl of cubed watermelon
bowl of cubed watermelon - Milalebedewa/Getty Images

Just like popcorn, you can jazz up your watermelon slices with a variety of seasonings to make them even more delicious. Simple as it is, table salt is a classic watermelon accompaniment. For generations, folks in the South have been sprinkling a little salt on their watermelon. Salt can mellow out the tanginess of certain watermelons, letting you savor the fruit's sweetness even more. Plus, in the scorching summer heat, salt can help you rehydrate by providing your body with sodium, which you lose through sweating.

Another intriguing watermelon seasoning comes from further south: Tajín, a Mexican seasoning blend made from salt, lime, and mild chili pepper. Tajín goes great with watermelon; the combination of salt and lime complements its juicy sweetness beautifully. And when you add a touch of chili pepper, it introduces a whole new dimension to every bite. If you want to go even further, consider tossing some cotija cheese and a few mint leaves into your watermelon salad. The result is an explosion of flavors that's bound to satisfy your palate!

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