Spy cameras in clothing hooks put police on alert

As a man faces court for using miniature cameras inside Sydney toilets, police are being challenged with technological advances that allow the smallest of cameras to be planted in inappropriate areas.

The 40-year-old man was charged after using cameras in two Sydney train station toilets.

It’s alleged he had more cameras at his Parramatta home similar to the ones found in North Sydney and Parramatta stations.

He will appear in Parramatta Local Court on Wednesday.

A 40-year-old man was charged with filming in two Sydney train station toilets last month: Source: NSW Police

NSW Police have warned the public about the placement of cameras inside public toilets.

"Anything suspicious especially in public toilets needs to be reported," a police spokeswoman said.

"I'd suggest first going to the manager and then reporting to the police.

"There's a man facing court today and the message is if you do this you will be caught."

The public is being warned about the placement of cameras inside small, inconspicuous objects including clothing hooks.

Sold as ‘nanny cams’ the hidden cameras look like an ordinary clothing hook but contain a tiny lens and a memory card.

Florida Keys police found hooks in three different women’s restrooms in June last year.

The device comes disguise as a clothing hook. Source: eBay

Sheriff Rick Ramsay urged anyone using a public restroom to “check them closely.”

“If you find anything suspicious you think might contain a hidden camera, don’t touch it. Call us right away and we will respond,” the Florida Keys sheriff Rick Ramsay said.

“Keep in mind, though, that these are very small cameras that can be mounted in many locations and hidden in many seemingly everyday items.”

There are fears the hidden cameras could hit Australian shores, as they are readily available online.

A 50-year-old maintenance worker was charged with filming staff in toilets at a Perth childcare centre last month.

It’s alleged the camera was found hidden in a pest control device.

There was no suggestion from police any children were filmed.