Spot the snake hiding near backyard pool – it's more obvious than you think

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Facebook users have been left scratching their heads after a Queensland snake catcher showed just how easy it is to lose sight of the slippery reptiles in a common garden.

Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast posted an image on their Facebook page asking followers to "spot the snake" and most people needed more than one attempt to find the snake that was hiding in plain sight.

"Blue head in the bottom of plants," one person guessed.

A snake hides in plain sight
Can you spot the hidden snake in this photo? Source: Facebook/Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

"It's in the green plant," another person joked.

A few people drew circles in the photo where they guessed the snake was hiding, but still managed to miss the spot.

"If that's not it, that looks eerily like another slippery head," one person suggested.

"To the top right near the bottom leaf of the succulent plant," another person took a stab.

People on social media attempt to guess where a snake is hiding in a photo
A few people tried to guess where they spotted the snake but they were wrong. Source: Facebook/Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

Just as the group was about to give up a few eagle-eyed users spotted the snake.

"It's just above red flower getting ready to hop into pool," one user suggested.

"At the top of the photo on the bricks, looking as if it might go into the pool," another person pointed out.

The snake catchers confirmed they were right and zoomed in to show people how easy the little guy was to miss.

The snake is finally found
Finally the snake catchers zoomed in to show just how easily snakes can hide in shrubbery. Source: Facebook/Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

"Cheeky little critter!" one user laughed.

"Omg that took me forever!!" another person said.

While the type of snake wasn't disclosed, not many people seemed keen for a dip after seeing how easily snakes could hide in a backyard.

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