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Spider-Man star's 'priceless' act for boy who saved sister in dog attack

A little boy who was mauled by a German Shepherd as he tried to save his sister has visited the set of the new Spider-Man movie and met the hero himself.

Seven-year-old Bridger Walker, from the US state of Wyoming, was visiting a friend’s home in July last year when a dog ran at him and his sister.

But Bridger stood between the German Shepherd and his little sister, then four years old, and told her to run as the dog mauled his face.

Bridger Walker pictured with facial injuries from a dog attack.
Bridger Walker suffered injuries to his face after protecting his sister from a dog. Source: Instagram/ Nikki Walker

The little boy’s heroics captured national and international attention, with The Avengers also apparently taking note of Bridger’s courage.

Bridger’s dad Robert Walker posted on Instagram on the weekend his son and the family visited the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It came after they were invited by Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, last year when the actor learned of Bridger’s heroism.

“When we first arrived on set, I was a little apprehensive that once the ‘curtain was pulled back’ that the magic of the movies would be lost for the kids. The opposite was true,” Mr Walker wrote.

Bridger Walker, 7, seen on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home with actor Tom Holland.
Bridger on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home with Tom Holland. Source: Instagram/ Robert Walker

Bridger met Holland along with his co-stars in the film, including Zendaya, who “made our kids feel like stars”, Mr Walker wrote. He also got to “web-sling” with Spidey himself.

“They don’t just act the part of friendly neighbourhood heroes – that’s what they truly are,” he wrote.

“The look on the kids’ faces was priceless when we rounded the blue-screen to see Tom, in full costume, high above the set on a light post. It was emotional to see him wave at the kids like he was the one that was supposed to be excited – not the other way around.”

Bridger Walker, 7, seen on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home.
There's a hero in this photo. Bridger pictured again on the set of the new Spider-Man movie. Source: Instagram/ Robert Walker

He thanked the cast and crew who “were willing to stop a very busy day of shooting to make my little boy smile, and give him a chance to ‘web-swing’ with his hero”.

Bridger required 90 stitches in his face following the attack and required plastic surgery.

Despite the injuries, Bridger remained upbeat throughout his recovery, his aunt, Nikki Walker, said.

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