Speeding drunk driver jailed after own dashcam footage is used against him

A speeding Sydney driver’s own dashcam video has been used against him, showing his ute crashing into a Western Sydney home after he was drunk and drifting all over the road.

Michael John Mills was recorded flying along Great Western Highway at Kingswood in February.

Luckily nobody was hurt, but the driver was more than four times the blood alcohol limit and will now spend at least six months in jail.

A speeding drunk’s own dashcam video has been used against him. Source: 7 News

Bricks toppled into the bedroom of Noel Cross’ grandson, which he’d walked out of just minutes earlier.

“So had he been sleeping there then, I don’t know what would have happened. So thank God he was not there,” he said.

Somehow, Mills also escaped unharmed.

It was lucky Noel Cross’ grandson was not in his bedroom when bricks toppled in, from the crash. Source: 7 News

The 29-year-old was so drunk police made him sit down.

“He was shaken up and he didn’t say a word, he just sat there,” Mr Cross told 7 News

On the road, his average speed was 124km/h, which was more than double the speed limit.

Mills blew almost four-and-half-times the legal limit.

Michael John Mills blew almost four-and-half-times the legal limit. Source: 7 News

He told the court: “It was the mix of anti-depressants and booze that severely affected my decisions and driving.”

But Magistrate Stephen Corry slammed him.

“You just ignored the safety of the public. You were barely in control,” he said.

Mills represented himself in court on Tuesday and showed little emotion when he was jailed for 12 months.

He will be eligible for parole in November – the same time his six month licence suspension expires.

For a further two years his car must be fitted with an interlock device to stop him drink driving again.