Fridge dumper's fitting punishment after throwing appliance off cliff

A man who was filmed shoving a fridge off a cliff was forced to swallow his pride and retrieve the appliance after his antics drew the attention of authorities.

The individual appeared impressed at himself in the initial video, which was captured in Spain and uploaded to local police AUGC Guardia Civil’s Twitter.

In the video, the man and the person filming the video can be heard ridiculing recycling, according to CNN.

Spanish police said in the tweet on August 1 the man was fined AU$73,631, and ordered to return and collect the fridge to dispose of it correctly.

A Spanish man is seen pushing an old fridge off a cliff before it tumbles down the steep decline.
The man was shown lifting the fridge over the barrier and pushing it down the hill. Source: Twitter/AUGC Guardia Civil

In a reply to the original post, another video was shared by police showing the man, with the assistance of a friend, hauling the appliance back up the steep terrain.

A Guardia Civil spokesman told CNN the man would now have to appear in court, where it would determine if an administrative fine would be his punishment or if he would be hit with a bigger fine for an “environmental crime”.

The Twitter thread attracted more than 17,000 likes and the initial video was retweeted 6500 times at the time of publication.

Police said on further investigation, it was revealed the man’s employer was a serial offender in not disposing of old refrigerators properly.

Men shown in Spain struggling to get a fridge back up a cliff after it was initially pushed down there.
Two men were filmed hauling the appliance back up the terrain. Source: Twitter/AUGC Guardia Civil

“After conducting an inspection at their facilities, located in the town of Olula del Río (Almería), the agents found about 50 washing machines stored in the outer courtyard of a warehouse among dry vegetation,” police said, according to Spanish website 20 Minutos.

“As well as about 20 refrigerators under roof, all without having been removed.”

Police shared a third video showing another man tossing a washing machine over a cliff and said the incident was still under investigation.

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