South Park shares release date for new special - and it's soon

south park the end of obesity
South Park confirms release date for new specialParamount

South Park special The End of Obesity now has an official release date.

On the animated comedy's Instagram channel yesterday (May 17), it was revealed that Friday, May 24 was the day it would premiere exclusively on streaming platform Paramount+.

A description for the TV event, which satirises the Ozempic weight loss craze, reads: "The advent of new weight loss drugs has a huge impact on everyone in South Park. When Cartman is denied access to the life-changing medicine, the kids jump into action."

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In a teaser trailer for The End of Obesity, which was released last week, a doctor says: "It’s time for some drastic measures to bring down his weight."

But when Cartman is denied the weight-loss medicine, he recruits Kyle, Butters, Stan and Kenny – who perform scientific experiments, while wearing goggles and lab coats, in order to find a solution for their friend.

Butters is heard saying: "We’ve been out navigating the American healthcare system. I almost died!"

south park the end of obesity

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This is the seventh South Park special made for Paramount+, following the release of Post Covid, Post Covid: The Return of Covid, The Streaming Wars, The Streaming Wars Part 2, Joining the Panderverse and Not Suitable for Children.

With the release of this latest special, fans are eager to know when to expect a new season of the hit show. Season 26 aired over a year ago, so it's been a while. But, unfortunately no release date for season 27 has been forthcoming.

However, we know lots more South Park is on the way, as back in 2021 it was renewed until at least 2027, which will bring the series up to an unprecedented 30th season.

South Park airs on Comedy Central. It's also available via streaming services including Prime Video and NOW in the UK, with selected episodes on Netflix. In the US, it's also available on HBO Max.

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