South Australia's lockdown measures

Tim Dornin
·1-min read


* South Australia to go into a six-day lockdown from midnight on Wednesday with wide-ranging restrictions.

* The "circuit-breaker" measure will be followed by another eight days of lesser restrictions.

* Schools, universities, pubs, restaurants, cafes, factories, shopping centres, takeaway food outlets and food courts will close.

* People will be required to stay home or only leave to get a COVID-19 test, seek other medical help, or to obtain groceries.

* All weddings, funerals and sport will be banned and aged care homes will go into lockdown.

* Masks to be used outside the home.

* Regional travel will be banned, with anyone currently on holiday having until midnight to determine where they will stay for the next six days.

* All elective surgery to cease.

* Supermarkets, petrol stations, medical centres, critical infrastructure, public transport, airport and freight services, banks, post offices and veterinary practices will stay open.

* Children of essential workers will be allowed to attend school or child care.