The South Australian budget at a glance

Tim Dornin
·2-min read


* The budget deficit to blow out to $2.59 billion before falling to $1.42 billion in 2022/22 and $435 million the following year

* SA's finances forecast to return to a $406 million surplus in 2023/24

* State debt to rise to $23 billion this financial year and steadily climb to $33 billion by 2023/24

* GST returns forecast to be down by $1.3 billion this year, by $1 billion in 2021/22 and $717 million in 2022/23

* The state's economy is forecast to contract by 0.75 per cent this year before bouncing back and growing by 4.25 per cent in 2021/22

* The government is forecasting zero employment growth this financial year and two per cent growth the following year

* The budget includes $4 billion in economic stimulus to combat the impact of COVID-19, including $747 million for community infrastructure and $795 million to support job retention

* $1.6 billion allocated over four years for work on the $8.9 billion South Road project, which will complete Adelaide's 78 kilometre north-south road corridor by 2030. Confirmation also the project will more than six kilometres of tunnels

* An extra $233 million payroll tax relief, with the government extending the COVID-19 waiver to 15 months for small businesses and to nine months for larger companies

* $330 million budgeted to cover the COVID-19 response, including $93 million on personal protective equipment

* $317 million for road infrastructure and maintenance projects

* $44 million for stage two of the Memorial Drive Tennis Centre redevelopment to increase spectator capacity to 6000

* $45 million to bring the Hindmarsh soccer stadium up to elite standard, including a new pitch and new lighting

* A push for more people to opt for electric vehicles comes with a plan to slug owners a road user charge

* Other fees and charges to increase by about 1.9 per cent, though the victims of crime levy on offenders will jump by 50 per cent