A Sourdough 'Boat' Is The Perfect Way To Enjoy Eggs For Dinner

sourdough bread stacked on table
sourdough bread stacked on table - Simone Oppes/Shutterstock

Eggs and bread are a match made in culinary heaven, whether it's a simple fried egg on toast, an egg in the basket, or even something more complex like cheesy Georgian khachapuri or a rich French croque madame. But with a little creativity, the simplest pairing of ingredients can make a ho-hum meal a little more interesting.Take, for example, the combination of sourdough demi baguettes, eggs, and cheese — combine them and you can make a sourdough egg boat that'll make anyone's morning shine a little brighter. Just cut a "V" shape into the tops of the baguettes to hollow out the interior, creating a canoe shape into which you can pour your additional ingredients. A layer of shredded cheese goes next, then a whisked combination of eggs, heavy cream, more cheese, pancetta, and some finely chopped green onions.Bake that in the oven for half an hour and slice into pieces for an easy yet impressive centerpiece for any meal, dinner included.

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Bread Choice And Other Tips For Success

closeup of sourdough bread with holes
closeup of sourdough bread with holes - Oksana Mizina/Shutterstock

Why sourdough bread specifically for this recipe? You can certainly make a perfectly tasty egg boat using a regular French baguette, but sourdough in particular has a little extra body to it, especially in the crust, which is helpful for hollowing out the bread without accidentally breaking it. Sourdough also has a deeper, more complex, and slightly tangy flavor; this bread is made from yeast that's been fermented, and the lactic acid bacteria that's involved in the fermentation process provide that distinctive taste.

When baking the egg boats, be sure to wrap the baguette in tinfoil rather than just placing it straight on a baking tray. Otherwise, the bread may become overly hard, or even burn in the oven. Leave an opening at the top so the egg mixture can receive enough heat to cook.

Also — don't just toss those bread innards you scooped out! You can save that and use it for delicious homemade croutons or breadcrumbs.

Variations On A Delicious Dinner

whisked eggs in bowl with pancetta and cream
whisked eggs in bowl with pancetta and cream - Alena_Kos/Shutterstock

Like many great recipes, egg boats have infinite possibilities in terms of flavor combinations. As long as your base of egg and cream is the same, there's no limit to the amount of variations you can make on this standard idea. If you have favorite quiche or omelet ingredients, try those in this dish; just take care not to overfill your baguettes. Chop your ingredients small, so the baguette pieces can be easily sliced and eaten.

While pancetta, green onion, and gruyère cheese are a delicious mix, you can also try swiss and mushrooms, or ham, bacon, and cheddar. Chopped spinach and parmesan also make an excellent pairing.

As with any quiche-like recipe, be sure to thoroughly cook any meats, veggies, or other add-ins before adding to the egg mix so you're not left chewing on an undercooked piece of bacon or gnawing a raw pepper slice.

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