Sonia Kruger fires back at pregnancy rumours after paparazzi photos

The Aussie star was forced to address the rumours after the Daily Mail inferred she was expecting.

Sonia Kruger has slammed pregnancy rumours after tabloids ran paparazzi pics of the Aussie star from specific angles, insinuating that she had a baby bump.

Sonia, 58, was forced to address the rumours after she stepped out at a MediaWeek lunch last month, with the Daily Mail publishing side-on photos of her triggering social media speculation.

Sonia appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show Monday morning, where Kyle Sandilands brought up the pap pics saying that the publication was inferring Sonia was pregnant.

Daily Mail was inferring that you were pregnant.... But it was just the angle of the dress," he said.

Sonia Kruger with her daughter.
Sonia Kruger with her daughter. Photo:

Jackie O jumped in to say she saw Sonia that day at the lunch. "The weird thing was, you did not have that protruding belly at all. Sonia, you’ve got a flat stomach.”


Sonia said she wasn't pregnant, saying she got a 'shock' when she saw the photos published.

“It was so weird actually, even I got a shock when I saw those pictures … Either I have a gluten intolerance, or the pictures may have been doctored,” Sonia said.

"Maybe I should stop eating bread," she joked.

"I can confirm there is no [pregnancy]."

After prompting from Kyle to show her stomach, Sonia obliged.

“Oh my god, that’s like an ironing board. It’s flat as,” Sandilands said.

Sonia had previously put up a video on her Instagram of the outfit she wore the day she was photographed.

"I [saw] the photos of you in the Daily Mail, and congrats! I didn't know you were expecting," one person commented, before being called out for trolling.

"So inappropriate and such a rude comment to make," a person said in retaliation.

"What if she has something medically going on, ovarian cysts, endometriosis causing bloat? What if she was privately navigating a pregnancy loss? On medication that was causing bloat? A million different reasons. You don’t see a person's entire life on social media, only what they choose to share."

The person went on to tell the online troll to 'do better'.

"The Daily Mail is the last place I would be relying on for 'reputable information'. Do better," they said.

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