'Exhausted' Eddie Betts details toll of racial abuse

AFL legend Eddie Betts says the racial abuse directed at his children while playing basketball at their home will stick with him and his sons for the rest of their lives.

Support continues flooding in for the family of Betts after the former Carlton and Adelaide star posted footage to social media on Thursday, showing a white car driving by as the youngsters and their friends played basketball.

"I think this one hits a lot harder than all the racial abuse that I've had over my years because it's directed at my kids with such hatred," an exasperated Betts told Fox Footy on Saturday night.

"The kids are fine now. They were shaken up a bit .They're too scared to go out and play basketball at night.

"I'm glad that I brought awareness to this because if I didn't you wouldn't have known what happened.

"This continues to happen to Aboriginal people all over the country.

"I just want the people who've done this and you've drove past my house to yell abuse at my kids, it is hurtful.

"This will stick with them my children for the rest of their lives and the rest of my life."

Betts vowed to keep calling out racial abuse after a man is heard in the video is heard repeatedly shouting a racial slur, before the children leave the basketball court.

"We've got to keep calling it out. It is exhausting," said the 350-gamer, who retired from the AFL in 2021.

"I know I've called this out many, many times. I will still stand here in front of everybody and put my face to it ... educate and continue to educate because we need to stamp out racism in Australia altogether."

AFL chief executive Andrew Dillon and general manager for inclusion Tanya Hosch said the behaviour has no place in sport or society.

"We must express our strongest condemnation against another example of overt racism, this time targeting children playing sport in their own front yard," the pair said in a statement.

AFL club Carlton, where Betts played more than 300 games, said the incident was vile and it stood in solidarity with the family.

"The footage Eddie and his family were brave enough to release is devastating, confronting and provides just a snapshot of the impact such cowardly behaviour can have," a statement read. "Absolutely nobody, especially children, should ever be subjected to what was heard in that video."

Carlton coach Michael Voss said the abuse was cowardly.

"I think we're sort of all really tired that it still exists. We'll support him wherever we possibly can.

"Also for the courage he's been able to show to speak out. One thing with Eddie is he always takes a really educational approach.

Carlton coach Michael Voss
Carlton coach Michael Voss has praised Betts for his courage to speak out against racial abuse. (Joel Carrett/AAP PHOTOS)

"He's got amazing humility when it comes to that when the temptation would be to, you know, do something else. Whatever we need to do we'll certainly support where we can."

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said it was investigating after receiving information relating to the incident in Melbourne's southeast on Thursday night.

Betts' post drew thousands of messages of support and horrified reactions with the Western Bulldogs commenting: "Disgraceful. Sending love Eddie."

The AFL Players Association described the incident as "awful" and offered support to Betts, while Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan labelled it "sickening and disgusting".

He was repeatedly subjected to racist abuse online throughout his career and had a banana thrown at him during a match at Adelaide Oval in 2016.

At his retirement announcement, Betts said he was tired of fighting racism and declared the AFL was not a safe environment for Indigenous players.

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