Soldier's heartbreaking discovery after helping hurricane victims

A soldier has made a heartbreaking discovery after helping victims of Hurricane Florence, which ravaged the east coast of the US.

US army medic Luis Ocampo, 24, spent 10 days helping victims but when he returned to his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, he arrived to find a devastating scene.

While he was away on duty, thieves ransacked his home. Officials say that the burglars took items including a gun, TV, laptop and jewellery, 9 WSOC TV reported.

Luis Ocampo returned to a heartbreaking scene. Source: GoFundMe/Luis Ocampo’s Recovery Fund

A GoFundMe page was set up to help Mr Ocampo’s family and has raised over $20,000.

He shares the house with his girlfriend Kailey Finch and their one-year-old son, who were away at the time of the home invasion.

“Luis Ocampo is a NC army medic with 6 years of honourable service,” family friend Mary Elise Capron wrote on a GoFundMe page for Mr Ocampo.

“Recently he was on state active duty helping with hurricane Florence relief efforts .. .he returned home to an empty ransacked house.

“He did all he could to help those in a time of need and now he is the one in a time of need.”

Luis Ocampo’s house was ransacked while he was on duty as a US army medic. Source: 9 WSOC TV