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'Bright and reliable': These motion-sensor solar security lights are down to $3 a pop

Ever fumble with keys at your door in the dark for longer than you like? As the nights get longer, motion sensor lights are a must-have outside any home — for security, visibility, safety from tripping and a myriad of reasons. It's even better when you can find solar-powered ones that actually work — that are eco-friendly, wireless, fuss-free and recharge on their own. We found some that are super-popular and they're marked down to just $12 for a 4-pack (was $35) at Amazon. That's $3 a light!

When someone crosses within 10-to-16 feet of these motion-sensor lights, the area is illuminated! Mount the wire-free, solar-powered lights near exterior doors, or anyplace you crave added security and visibility. Click the on-page coupon for the extra-deep discount.
$12 at Amazon

Get all the usefulness, safety and security benefits of traditional porch/yard lights, without wasting a drop of energy by mounting these lights around your property (with included screws, or perhaps buy adhesive tape). When the sensitive sensors on these lights detect any movement, the lights turn on and illuminate the area!

Your guests, delivery services and trick-or-treaters will be grateful. And should you have a sneaky, uninvited visitor, the sudden, bright light will likely frighten them away. Read on to find out why 19,000-plus shoppers gave these "bright & reliable" lights a perfect five-star rating.

Four solar motion lights on a purple background with a spotlight circle behind.
These motion-activated lights are priced to move — on sale for $12 for a four-pack!

Light up the night

There are so many benefits to owning these bright solar lights that some shoppers can't find a single downfall.

Case in point, here's one serious fan's pros/cons list: "Pros: Excellent illumination, good motion detection, light stays completely dark until motion activation, good battery life and charging even in winter, cold and less-sunny days, easy to mount, and could even be used portable, such as a camping site. Cons: None noted."

Another fan said they love them so much, they ended up ordering five sets: "The motion sensor is so sensitive that the light comes on a few feet before you reach it, and stays on for a few before turning off. My dogs can see where they’re going, and so can we! My husband installed four on our pool deck so we can swim at night. These lights survived all types of weather...rain...heat.. snow...storms and they come on every night! Even though I have 20 of these lights placed strategically throughout my yard....I will be ordering more! I don’t like to wander around in darkness, even in my own yard because of skunks, possums and other critters... but these lights make me feel safe.’s so cool that they light your path as you walk....LOVE THESE LIGHTS!!"

Saves $$$ and more

Not only are these incredibly inexpensive — a whopping 65% off after you add the on-page coupon — but they will also save you money on electricity (solar powered) and reduce light pollution.

"These lights are bright and the power is free!" raved a five-star reviewer, who had so many delighted all-cap phrases, we had to lowercase them. "These solar power lights are awesome! I had no idea that I could have total coverage of my house surroundings for free! The power comes from the sun, so no power bill! I have already purchased more of the Baxia Power solar lights for my business locations."

"Worth it," added another. "I bought these to try to cut back on electricity use. I placed them right in front the walkway for from door, under my window and on the side of house. They light up automatically and from a distance. The lights are also bright LED. Will be purchasing more for the sides of my garage."

Deters unwanted guests and pests

Fans love the simple, immediate security these lights provide.

A security scare is the reason this person installed the lights: "We had someone attempt to break into our garage a week ago, which shook me pretty badly so we decided it was time to install some motion lights. These lights are so bright and make me feel way safer than before."

Wrote one happy owner: "I have these motion sensor lights lining my driveway and they alert us whenever somebody is pulling in at night or if there's unwanted pests or people on the property when it's dark out, and it also scares Predators away thinking that somebody's watching."

"Excellent for scaring away night time pests," agreed another. "Super bright motion sensors. Going to buy more and install along a fence where I feed birds/squirrels during the day, but other creatures were visiting at night. I have these on my deck so I can see if any raccoons, opossums or skunks are there, but since I installed them they don't come around...Now I don't fear letting my dog out at night after getting sprayed by a skunk last year."

Surprisingly durable

One fan who has gotten a lot out of these over the years wrote: "Very handy for flashlight-free navigation of large yard (plus security factor). Also brought on long-distance move with small RV to provide light when electric hookup not available. Super useful in various settings, work very well, have lasted several years without failure. Love them!"

"They last," agreed another: "I bought some of these three years ago and all but one are still working in a coastal environment."

"Long life and bright light," declared a fan. "Use them for the steps into the house and other places were the sun can charge the batteries. The have lasted for several years, unlike some of the solar spotlights."

An easy choice

Shoppers say these are "so easy to install a caveman could do it." (We bet cavemen would've loved having these lights too!)

"Fantastic lights," summed up another reviewer. "Super easy to setup, charged quickly, great motion detection. Love these lights."

When someone crosses within 10-to-16 feet of these motion-sensor lights, the area is illuminated! Mount the wire-free, solar-powered lights near exterior doors, or anyplace you crave added security and visibility. Click the on-page coupon for the extra-deep discount!
$12 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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