Sofia Richie Grainge on why she waited to share her pregnancy news

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Sofia Richie Grainge gets real about her pregnancyStefanie Keenan

Sofia Richie Grainge is expecting a baby girl and we're delighted for her! She's also been keeping it real, opening up about all the ways her body is changing as she prepares to welcome her Gemini baby (likely some time in May).

Chatting to British Vogue, Sofia, who is expecting her first child with husband Elliot Grainge, revealed how she discovered the happy news in the first place.

"I found out very, very early," she told the magazine. "I was about four weeks pregnant. I was on a trip to Milan for fashion week, and I was going to the Prada show. I was doing a really quick 24-hour turnaround, and I felt terrible but didn’t think much of it. I thought it was jet lag."

As she now knows, that wasn't the case. Back in Los Angeles, Sofia realised her period was late, and a pregnancy test revealed the news to the happy couple, who burst into tears.

"We both cried. It was crazy and overwhelming and so hard not to scream it from the rooftops. But knowing I was so early, I was so protective – even with my friends," recalled Sofia, who explained that the couple wanted to take their time before sharing the news publicly (though they told family when she reached the 8-week mark).

Naturally, it should go without saying that deciding when it's the right time to share pregnancy news is totally down to the individual and it's so, so fair if celebs (see: Halle Bailey for deats) decide they don't want to let fans know until their baby has actually arrived safely.

"Pregnancy is really scary and you want to protect that space," Sofia added. "I didn’t realise there are so many milestones you have to hit and so many tests you have to take. For me, it was really important to protect our mental health and our space as a couple."

Of course, they've since shared their joyous news, with Sofia posing for stunning baby bump reveal pictures. She's all about celebrating her changing body, adding that she's learned more about herself in the past six months than ever before.

"...Just like what the female body is capable of. Every week brings new things, whether it’s hormonal shifts or expansion – there's just so much our bodies go through, and it's so interesting to experience it all," she said.

Congratulations to the happy parents!

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