Sofia Richie Grainge makes a convincing case for natural nails

sofia richie grainge
Sofia Richie Grainge is championing natural nailsRachpoot/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

After a year of quiet-luxury fashion moments, Sofia Richie Grainge's beauty routine has now also taken a minimalist turn for her first pregnancy. From the model's pared-back Grammys make-up to her bare-faced TikTok tutorials, the 25-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie has already made a convincing case for natural beauty in 2024 – and her nail routine is no exception.

Sidelining her viral blueberry milk manicure for the foreseeable future, Richie Grainge shared that she's taking a step back from gel nails altogether for the immediate future.

"I am a gel 'girlie' usually, through and through, but I love to give my nails a break," Sofia revealed via a sponsored TikTok video this week. "My plan is to not wear gels for two weeks."

In the interim, the model explained that she layers Essie's Nail Care Hard to Resist Nail Strengthener, which has a soft rosy hue, to give her natural nails a boost. "I just applied two coats," she says. "There's a little pink shade to it and feel like I could just go out like this."

sofia richie grainge natural nails
Michael Buckner - Getty Images

While it's out of the ordinary to see A-listers without a set of perfectly polished tips, celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey agrees that a break between gels and acrylics can help revive lacklustre nails.

"You technically don't really need to take breaks between gel manis and nail enhancements, but some people feel they like to give their nails time off every now and then," Humphrey explains. "The application and removal (with acetone) can be dehydrating on the nail plate if you're regular with your appointments. A break every now and then gives your nails the chance to absorb some moisture and revert back to normal flexibility if they have become a bit brittle or flaky."

She advises that many nail professionals rush gel removal and application and this can lead to damage to the nail plate, which is why they can feel thinner and weaker post-manicure. "Make sure your nail pro takes care of your natural nail health. Gels are all about enhancing them, not damaging them after all."

She warns: "Never pick off your gel manicure as you will cause damage to the nail. "Also, avoid growing gels out – this causes imbalance between the nail plate and the product and can lead to potential delamination of the nail."

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