'So unsettling': Man finds strange marking in yard after odd encounter

Nadine Carroll
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A man has raised the alarm on Facebook after receiving a suspicious knock on the door and then discovering a strange marking on his front lawn.

The man based in Riverheads in Queensland said he opened the door to the same man asking for charity donations two days in a row and became suspicious as on the second day, as the man had a different name tag.

“Has anyone from Riverheads had a fella knock at the door asking for donations for charity either today or yesterday? We have had the same guy both days but he had a different name tag then yesterday. Guy was wearing an orange hi-vis shirt,” the man posted on Wednesday.

a strange marking on a front lawn (left) and a man who claimed to be collecting money for charity (right)
A man has taken to Facebook after reciving a suspicous knock on the door and spotting a strange marking on his lawn. Source: Facebook

After heading outside the man said he then noticed a grey cross spray painted on his lawn and snapped a picture of the man who had knocked on his door walking down the street.

“We found this paint marking near our water meter, is this something that council usually do or should we be concerned?

"Police have been notified and are going to ramp up their patrols of the area to keep an eye on things,” he wrote in the Hervey Bay Community Facebook group.

The man's partner joined the discussion and wrote the man knocking on the door didn't specify which charity he was collecting money for and also asked various questions about her living situation, which left her on edge.

"He was asking whether it was just myself and the children that live here, and whether I had a husband or partner. My reply was I live here with my partner and he will be home soon," she wrote.

Members in the group agreed that it sounded suspicious and cautioned the family to be careful.

"That's so unsettling," one person replied.

Some people suggested the marking may be from local council but the woman confirmed she had called her local council and they had said nobody representing them was active in the area at the time.

"I’d say it’s a mark to come back to rob you or steal your dog," one person suggested.

After several similar comments the man returned to the forum and said he had removed the mark and installed security cameras.

"Marks are gone now, police have been notified and we have security cameras at a few different angles of the house," he said.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Queensland Police for comment.

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