‘So dangerous': TikTok viewers’ horror at 'worst car ever'

Josh Dutton
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A man's wreck of a car has raised a few eyebrows after it was spotted travelling down a busy street.

Gurkhali Macha filmed the car, which is barely being held together, in Malaysia before uploading it to his TikTok account.

The car, a Perodua Kancil, is seen covered in what appears to be orange spray paint.

But the paint job is the least of this horror-on-four-wheels' worries.

A smashed Perodua Kancil being driven in Malaysia.
This smashed Perodua Kancil was filmed in Malaysia. Source: TikTok/ Gurkhali Macha

The back-door looks like it's about to break off, with a bungee cord the only thing stopping it from spilling the back seat's clutter onto the road.

The driver doesn't even have a door, though that might come in handy if he needs to peek past the shattered windshield.

A trip to a body shop could also help the dent in the bonnet and new tyres wouldn't be a bad idea either particularly in the front which is has completely exploded.

Strangely, what’s believed to be the same driver and car were pulled over in 2019, The Raykat Post reported.

The driver was found to not have a licence with the car’s registration expired. It was also in a poor condition, missing tyres and a back window.

The car was confiscated by police.

'Til the wheels fall off'

On TikTok, the latest sighting had people concerned to say the least with some wondering how it's possible the car got the green light to travel on the road.

“This is so dangerous,” one woman wrote.

Another asked why the man would bother keeping a spare tyre while another compared it to a car from The Flintstones.

It was also shared on Reddit where one user wrote: “The audacity of this man”.

“The definition of ‘til the wheels fall off’,” another user wrote.

A smashed Perodua Kancil seen in Malaysia.
People questioned how this car is still on the road. Source: TikTok/ Gurkhali Macha

Another user suggested at least it “beats walking”.

“I love how with every second of this video you don’t think the vehicle could possibly get any worse... and then it does,” another wrote.

In January, a Sydney driver was mocked after his Mercedes Benz AMG C63S coupe went up in flames as he attempted a burnout.

The car was worth more than $100,000.

Fortunately, no one was injured but the fire completely destroyed the Mercedes and damaged the road.

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