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'SO CRINGE': Australian reporter's awkward interview moment with Donald Trump

An Australian reporter has been filmed in a somewhat awkward moment with former US President Donald Trump.

Sky News’s Sharri Markson interviewed Trump last month one-on-one as part of the station’s documentary into the origins of coronavirus.

Markson spruiked the interview on Sky News on Wednesday while speaking with host Chris Kenny, and showed the cringeworthy moment she decided to show Trump her new book.

“I would love for them to show you my book if that’s OK. The book that I’ve got coming out,” she says, pointing to someone off screen next to Trump to hand him the book.

Sharri Markson is seen with Donald Trump during an interview for Sky News.
Sharri Markson shows her book on coronavirus to Donald Trump. Source: Sky News

The book she’s referring to is her book titled: What really happened in Wuhan. It’s of course, referring to what’s believed to be the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ll show it to you,” Markson says, holding up a copy and smiling.

“Oh,” Trump says flatly, staring with a straight face.

A copy is placed next to him. He turns for a second then looks back at Markson.

“Oh, that’s good,” he says.

“I look forward to reading it.”

Markson thanks Trump for his time and he thanks her for the interview. They talk over each other as they say goodbye.

She later told Kenny the pair were “a bit awkward for time” when the book was handed to him but she believes he will read it.

Markson wrote in The Australian, which she also writes for, Trump’s adviser was beginning to lose patience before the book was handed to him. She was told it was her last question.

'It's so cringe'

On Twitter, people found the segment uncomfortable to watch.

One woman suggested Trump “looked horrified”.

“Oh, God. It’s so cringe,” one man tweeted.

Others believe Trump had no interest in reading the book and appeared to be glaring at Markson.

“She is so happy and he does not give a single f***,” another man tweeted.

Markson wrote in The Australian securing an interview with the former US President involved going down a “rabbit hole”.

It involved speaking with a number of people, including his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

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