Snorkeling in the darkness reveals a world of beautiful creatures

This dive boat in the Maldives had moored for the night near the coast of one of the many islands. Awaiting dawn to press on to a new location, the boat was silent and still. But the world beneath the boat was anything but still. The lights of the boat attracted krill, plankton, and small fish that fed on the abundance of nutrients. Larger predators were attracted by the smaller animals and the water was alive with action. Slipping quietly into the water, these tourists floated and watched the spectacle beneath them. Mobula rays danced, played, and fed on the plankton. Gigantic manta rays performed loops as they inhaled and filtered their meal from the water around the lights. Nurse sharks cruised through, hoping to scavenge anything they could. A playful dolphin appeared and checked out the swimmers, as well as the chance of catching one of the fish that had come for a meal. For almost thirty minutes, this breath taking sight continued for these lucky tourists. The ocean is a world full of mystery and wonder. It is a world that has barely been explored or understood.