"I’m Giving Up Smoke": Snoop Dogg's Latest Statement Is Going Viral

Snoop Dogg claimed that he's "giving up smoke" in a new statement.

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Of course, the 52-year-old's weed intake has made headlines over the years, with his "roller" seemingly claiming that he smokes over 100 joints in a day. Snoop himself subsequently took to Instagram to claim that the actual number was closer to around eight in a day, and his "roller" emphasized that she usually rolls around "a quarter pound to half a pound a day" — but that that number wasn't solely for Snoop. The rapper has even sold his own brand of marijuana over the years.

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Regardless, the association between Snoop and smoking is no doubt why his latest statement — called "I'm giving up smoke" — quickly went viral.

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"After much consideration and conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke," read the statement, signed by Snoop. "Please respect my privacy at this time."

That being said, Snoop did post smoking-related content on his story mere hours before:

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Some subsequently congratulated Snoop on his apparent decision, with others hopping into the comments saying that they, too, had given up smoking weed:

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Others questioned if the whole thing was a joke:

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And others wondered if the statement was a ploy to get media attention before launching a line of vapes or edibles:

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Snoop has recently been getting more into the vape business with his brand D*gg lbs.

For what it's worth, the American Lung Association does caution against smoking marijuana, citing lung damage, chronic bronchitis, and immune system damage as possible risks. The available evidence on vaping marijuana further suggests health risks that may not necessarily make it better than smoking. Any longterm use of marijuana, including through edibles, further comes with health and addiction risks.

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BuzzFeed has contacted representatives for Snoop for comment.