SNL Video: Ayo Edebiri Hunkers Down for a Romantic Night With… Her Dune Popcorn Bucket — Watch

Saturday Night Live has found a creative way to reuse those viral Dune: Part Two souvenir popcorn buckets.

In this weekend’s episode, two teens played by Marcello Hernandez and guest host Ayo Edebiri decide to take their high school cafeteria flirtation to the next level. “I think it’s going to happen tonight, for real,” Marcello’s character tells his pals. He launches into a romantic song, declaring that he had found someone special, before lighting tapered candles throughout his bedroom to set the mood. Then, things take an unexpected turn.

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“Now that my parents are gone, I’m going to lose my virginity to the Dune popcorn bucket,” he reveals. And while the sandworm souvenir from the upcoming flick looks frightening, Marcello reassures us: “And I’m not scared of the teeth in the middle.”

Hernandez isn’t alone, it seems his entire school has been wooed by the beauty of the bucket. Edebiri’s character takes it away, telling her dad that she doesn’t like boys. She’s, of course, into the Dune popcorn bucket. Bowen Yang’s school locker is decorated with suggestive images of the bucket — as suggestive as images of a bucket can be. And everyone takes their bucket to the school dance, where the popcorn container celebrates a great triumph for such a bizarre marketing tactic: She is crowned Queen!

Watch the sketch above, then weigh in on the Feb. 3 SNL hosted by Ayo Edebiri featuring musical guest Jennifer Lopez.

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