SNL breakout Sarah Sherman says her therapist quit after sending her 'crazy conspiracy paintings'

If Sarah Sherman's former therapist is listening, she would like you to know that "you walked out on the best mind-pussy of your life."

The SNL breakout and comedian made the hilarious comment during an appearance on Wednesday's episode of the Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang podcast, during a conversation about her therapist quitting.

She told host and fellow SNL star Yang that the therapist, whom she did not name, was "not appropriate," for having told her once that she "looked as cute as a pumpkin." Yang, who was clearly already familiar with Sherman's therapist woes, said he just overall did not think the shrink was "the best fit for you," to which Sherman agreed.

Sarah Sherman
Sarah Sherman

Sean Zanni/Getty

Citing another example, Sherman opened up about how she was deeply affected by the days-long Titan submersible ordeal in June, which ultimately ended with the revelation that all five passengers had died due to an implosion of the vessel. She said she texted her therapist that she was struggling with "constant intrusive thoughts that I'm at the bottom of the ocean" and in return he "would stoke the fire."

"[He would] send me a bunch of crazy conspiracy paintings done by a schizophrenic outsider artist about Titanic submarine conspiracy theories connecting it to wars in the Middle East," she said, adding with a laugh, "And I was like, 'This is actually not helping!'"

Apparently, the therapist later "broke up with" Sherman, but she's ultimately made peace with that. "He was not giving the give," she said simply.

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