Sniffer dog catches car theft suspect with his pants down

A police sniffer dog has helped track down an alleged car thief found in a rather unflattering fashion after he sparked a high-speed pursuit in Melbourne on Thursday morning.

After noticing a stolen BMW driving erratically at 1.30am, police gave chase before the driver sped off.

However his escape was short lived with the driver smashing into two large gum trees, forcing him to flee the vehicle.

While it might not have been the most pressing issue at the time, the alleged thief will come to regret leaving a shoe in the car.

A sniffer dog picked up the alleged car thief's scent from a shoe left in the abandoned BMW before tracking him down just minutes later. Source: 7 News
The alleged car thief was found hiding behind a Melbourne apartment block. Source: 7 News

A police dog was quick to discover the singular shoe, pick up its scent and track down the alleged thief just minutes later.

The 41-year-old man was arrested in his failing underwear after he was found hiding behind an apartment block.

Police took the 41-year-old into custody outside the apartment block. Source: 7 News