Sneaky snake leaves people scratching their heads - so can you spot it?

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

A sneaky serpent hiding among a luscious Queensland yard has become the subject of the latest ‘spot the snake’ guessing game.

Snake Catchers Brisbane shared a photo to Facebook on Thursday, asking followers to find the well-hidden snake among a leafy garden with an abundance of ferns.

A sneaky snake hiding in a leafy garden has become the subject of the latest ‘spot the snake’ guessing game. Source: Snake Catcher Brisbane/Facebook

Can you find me? I reckon this spot the snake will get a few of you,” the reptile catchers teased. 

They were not wrong.

The game stumped many as dozens had a stab at where they thought the well-camouflaged snake was hiding.

Many shared images with circles drawn in different locations over the picture – but only a few got it right.

“Can’t really see it and it seems everyone is seeing something in (different) spots from all the random circled pics above. I’m guessing it’s a snake in there,” one wrote.

One woman admitted she could not find anything in the picture.

I’m completely hopeless at spotting these but I’m… curious where it is. This is why I don’t do Where’s Wally books,” she confessed.

The snake is seen taking shelter underneath a shrub. Source: Snake Catcher Brisbane/Facebook

The snake catchers revealed the creature’s location on Friday afternoon, sharing a picture of the reptile up-close, taking shelter underneath a shrub in the centre of the photo.

Last week’s reptile hide-and-seek game came after many people were left scratching their heads searching for a slippery visitor in a Sunshine Coast kitchen last December.

Two snakes also made it difficult to be seen when they were lurking in an emptied pond in Brisbane earlier this year.

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