Snapshot of the NCA bombing case

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* On March 2, 1994, a parcel bomb exploded in the 12th-floor office of the National Crime Authority in Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

* The blast killed investigator Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen and severely injured lawyer Peter Wallis.

* The bombing was one of South Australia's highest-profile cases, with a $1 million reward offered in 2008 for information leading to the conviction of the person or people responsible.


* Domenic Perre was first charged with murder soon after the blast but the case against him was dropped six months later for lack of evidence.

* Perre was arrested again in 2018 after a joint investigation, lasting more than two years, by a number of state and federal authorities including the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

* He went on trial for murder and attempted murder in the Supreme Court in October 2020 after being jailed on drug trafficking charges unrelated to the bombing.


* The trial opened in October 2020 with the final evidence taken in June 2021.

* There was no jury after Perre elected to be tried by judge alone.

* On the prosecution case the bombing was a personal attack on Det Sgt Bowen following the seizure of a multi-million dollar drug crop in the Northern Territory in 1993.

* Perre's defence said he had continually denied involvement in the bombing and accused detectives of having "tunnel vision" during the entire 28-year investigation.

* After more than six months of deliberations, Justice Kevin Nicholson found him guilty on both charges. He jailed Perre for life and extended his existing non-parole period by 30 years.

* In February this year Perre argued an appeal against his convictions but that will not now be finalised.

* Suffering from a range of health issues, including a heart condition and diabetes, Perre died in the Royal Adelaide Hospital on May 8.