Snakes and spider on the move

This is the time of year snakes and spiders love most. Thawed out from the winter cold, they are now on the move.

From out of the bush into the suburbs, they are always hungry, always looking for mates and willing to bite if provoked.

While most people avoid snakes, Geoffrey de Looze chases them.

Today, in North Sydney, he freed a red belly black which was found under an air conditioner.

"I'm living the dream," said the snake catcher.

"[The red belly black] is pretty normal because they seek out the fresh water from the condensation."

Another red belly black was captured at a Roseville home by wildlife rescue group WIRES.

While, in Kogarah, a man was bitten on Friday getting his mail.

In Sydney, five people have been bitten by snakes in the past three months with 22 others attacked elsewhere in New South Wales.

Around 3000 people across the country are bitten by snakes every year, mostly in the spring and summer months. Paramedics say it is the time of the year they get the most callouts for spider bites as well.

Since July, 55 people have been bitten by spiders, with 11 attacks involved funnel webs.

Paramedic Giles Buchanan said: "Clothing that you may have left out overnight, gloves and boots, just be a bit cautious before putting them on. give them a good shake."

And keep your mouth closed. Since July at least three people have needed an ambulance after swallowing spiders.